A Guide To Finding Home Accents For Beginners

It’s a new year, so new you, right? Well, we don’t want you to change anything about yourself, but there are probably a few adjustments you could make in your home — especially if you’re a new homeowner with no previous design experience. That’s why in today’s blog post we’ll go over how to find the perfect home accents for your new humble abode.

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Whether you’re a beginner or simply want some home decorating tips, continue reading below for a complete guide on finding the perfect accents for your home.

Invest In The Essentials First

You might be tempted to get the art decor, mirrors and accent items for your home as you see things you like, but we suggest saving your money for the essential home items first.

What do we mean by essentials? The more costly items in your home, like a couch, a bed or a dining table. These are pricer, but you need them in your home.

After you have all the things you actually need in your home, then you can get wild with any clocks, wine cabinets, picture frames and other home accents! And by then, you’ll have the foundation of your style set, so it’ll be easier to match items and not have your interior designs all over the place.

Ensure It’s “Moveable”

Since this is your first home, chances are, this isn’t the home where you’ll spend the rest of your life. Why invest in home decorations like wallpaper or custom-sized curtains if you’re going to pack up and move in a few years anyways?

Choose home accents that are “moveable,” meaning it can easily be moved from your current place to a new one in the future — artwork in custom framing is a perfect example.

Don’t Forget Your Kitchen Or Bathrooms

It’s easy to think, “Oh, this would look great in my living room!” The same goes for your dining room areas as well as your bedroom, since these areas are the most common places where you spend time with guests and close ones.

Though you do want to add home accents to these areas, you don’t want to forget about your kitchen or the bathrooms in your home. Sure, these are areas that likely only you will be utilizing the most, but you still want to add comforting home accents that really make the room stand out.

Shop Home Items At Our Home Decor Store In Omaha

If, after reading this blog post, you need to enhance just one room or your entire home, you can trust that our home decor store in Omaha will have everything you need to turn your new house into a home. On top of our home accents and furniture, we can cater to any of your lighting needs — simply schedule an appointment with one of our lighting design experts.

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