Chandelier Tips To Optimize Your Home Lighting Part 2

When it comes to the home lighting fixtures adorning your place, none make a more grand statement than the chandelier hanging in your dining room. This majestic centerpiece should work to strengthen the theme of the room instead of overpowering it. Anyone in need of a quality lighting store in Omaha can benefit from visiting The Light Palace. Our modern lighting experts and expansive lighting showroom are here to deliver the best products and service to Nebraska residents for more than 60 years. Our goal is to ensure that you leave our showroom happy every single time.

Today, we conclude last week’s blog which looked into a few simple chandelier tips that may make a major difference in your lighting experience. Buying a chandelier is not as simple as choosing the indoor lighting for your closet, and efforts must be made to produce a quality outcome. When you’re ready to get started, be sure to stop by our lighting showroom today!

Find The Right Brightness

Your dining room may be a dark space for enjoying a quiet evening or the main stage for family card night. In either case, it’s important to determine how much light you want to shine from your chandelier. One way to do this is to choose your lighting fixture based on the number of bulbs it holds. The basic motivation for this approach is because the number of bulbs in use will drastically change how much light is emitted. More bulbs will produce more glare while less leads to a dimmer room. Be sure to check the type of bulbs in use here as well. Specialty options tend to be harder to find and more costly overall, which can be a big factor in your decision-making process.

If you find the perfect chandelier, and it happens to be too bright, no problem! Our residential lighting experts can help you find the right shade and intensity of bulb, or even match the fixture with a light-blocking shade.

Chandelier Sizing

The size and style of chandeliers can vary greatly. It’s essential to match the fixture to your dining room’s size and style. Placing a miniature chandelier in a dining room can prove to make an insignificant impact on the space. Placing a larger chandelier in your foyer can crowd the area. Based on the measurements of your room, our lighting experts can work diligently to find an ideal solution for your home!

Maintenance Measures

One small aspect that has little weight on the showroom floor is how much maintenance your new chandelier will require in the future. One consideration is the material that you choose. While similar in their needs, each material will require a specific cleaning agent to maintain an optimal appearance.

Another consideration for you to think of is the simple act of dusting your chandelier. Smaller, simpler fixture designs will require less effort and therefore take less time to clean. Large, intricate chandeliers, on the other hand, will be in need of much more attention to ensure cleanliness. Neglecting the cleaning requirements of your chandelier will make it less appealing in appearance and can also shorten the lifespan of its illustrious shine.

Styling It Out

There are many styles to choose from for your lighting fixture, and choosing the perfect one can depend purely on buyer preference. Reversible chandeliers, for example, flip the lights upward to produce quality ambient lighting. Candelabras aim to capture the rustic appearance of chandeliers that hold candles instead of light bulbs. Beaded chandeliers are a versatile option for adding extra flair to your space.

Top-Tiered Appearances

The size and elegance of your dining room can also work to determine how many tiers your chandelier can have. Multi-tiered chandeliers demand the attention of the room, commanding the space in both depth and height. Typically, a dining room can comfortably house a two-tier chandelier. Larger spaces can have five or more tiers, resulting in a grand display of elegance and illumination.

Shopping for a chandelier to adorn your dining room can be an exciting experience. With so many styles and options to choose from, each project has the potential to be amazing. Our experts here at The Light Palace are here and ready to assist you every step of the way. Homeowners in need of a quality lighting store in Omaha can stop by our expansive showroom to find exactly what their need to illuminate their homes in beauty. Visit our store or contact us today with any questions!