Optimize Your Personal Space With Our Home Decor Store In Omaha Part 2

Home renovations are a productive and often enjoyable way to breathe new life into your space. While many homeowners across Nebraska are eager to take this project on, it’s important to remember that proper planning and expert execution are needed to create a truly enhanced outcome. From the huge variety of home accessories for sale to the unique scheme of your home, it can be challenging to figure out how to proceed. Since 1953, The Light Palace has served as your go-to lighting and home decor store on Omaha. Our experts are up to speed with the best products and practices in the industry to deliver top-notch service every step of the way.

Our home decor and lighting showroom has an extensive inventory to ensure that you can find the perfect product for your home’s unique style. You can also shop for the best home decor online through our catalog. Today, we’ll conclude our look into the different types of home decor products that are available at The Light Palace. When finished, be sure to browse online or stop by our home design store to get started on your project!


The shelves in your home should provide more than convenient storage for all of your possessions. Finding the perfect shelf for a room can help you to make it the centerpiece, setting the tone and establishing a starting point for the rest of your home improvements. The Light Palace is proud to provide the products needed to cover your walls with quality. From fun sports shelves for kids to elaborate pieces for the living room, you can find a shelf for nearly every purpose at our home decor store!

Quality Furniture

Aside from the importance of the visual appeal, your furniture should also provide the most comfort and convenience for your family. The furniture you decorate your place with will determine how the space is used. Our home accents store is here to help you through the shopping process, as we stock a plethora of products to ensure a beneficial fit for every customer that comes through our doors.

Be sure to browse our home furniture to find the pieces that can enhance your home. We stock dining room tables, cocktail tables, desks, chairs, bookcases, TV stands, and more. If you need help, our home decor experts

Miscellaneous Excellence

The quality of your home design scheme is in the details, and our collection of modern home decor ensures that there is a dynamic product for each aspect of your home. The Light Palace strives to provide the perfect product for every customer, and our lighting showroom is stocked full of unique and affordable products. From your front doorbell to garden fountains, and from night lights to switch covers, we have nearly anything you can think of to create an enjoyable outcome with your home improvements.

With so many products and our expert advice, it can be hard to NOT walk out of our home accents store happy. The Light Palace is here to serve as your Top Rated Local® home decor store in Omaha, delivering the best support to match our comprehensive inventory of products. Contact us today for assistance or shop our online store today to find the best styles for your home!