Practical Shelving Uses From Your Omaha Home Decor Store

Often underrated and underused in our professional opinions, shelves are the perfect solution for saving space on the tables and floors throughout your home. They aren’t only an affordable option for most homeowners, but they also are easy to assemble and install yourself! In today’s blog post, we’ll go over some practical uses for shelves and how you can implement those uses in your Omaha home.

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5 Practical Uses For Shelves

There are several practical, functional and beautiful uses for shelving. Below, we’ve listed seven of many of our favorite practical shelving uses for your Omaha home.

  1. For pots of your plants. It’s very trendy these days to place plants throughout your home. Though potted plants make for great home decorations, they oftentimes can take up valuable floor or window sill space.
  2. For your workspaces. You’ll be amazed at how much easier your workflow will be when your desk is free of clutter. Install a shelf above your workspace to place things you don’t use often so you can keep your desk clear!
  3. As bathroom storage. Install a “floating” shelf above your toilet or elsewhere in your bathroom to store extra towels, toilet paper rolls, cleaning supplies, etc.
  4. As a “command central.” You can install a shelf near your front door or your mudroom as a place to hang your coats, keys, hats, dog leash, etc. This is a perfect organization solution so you know where everything is before you leave your home, meaning you’ll never have to spend hours looking for your keys again.
  5. As a display for your goods and home accents. If you have valuable items you want to show off in your home, save wall and floor space by installing shelves to place these items on.

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