Tips For Outdoor Dark Sky Lighting

Your guest bathroom matters. After all, when guests arrive, they will see and use this space and you want it to be the best. The Light Palace offers amazing interior lighting for your guest bathroom needs. Check out our tips for an extraordinary guest bathroom, and visit our Omaha lighting showroom today!


Focus On Vanity Lighting

Your guests will most likely use your vanity lighting, from washing their hands to freshening up in the mirror. Thus, you’ll want to have optimal vanity lighting for their needs. Shop all of our styles and finishes to complement your home decor today!


Home Accents

Guests will probably notice everything about your guest bathroom, including your home decor items. Home accents do add a certain level of charm you really shouldn’t ignore. Here at The Light Palace, we offer everything from candle holders to prints and shelves. Shop today!


A Place To Sit

Having a place to sit in your guest bathroom is super nice. Guests may just want to relax a bit, or perhaps they need to change shoes. A comfortable stool can be just the thing in your guest bathroom to suit this need, and it can be minimal by design, too.


Have It Well Stocked

It never looks good when your guests run out of toilet paper, or there’s no hand soap to be had anywhere. It’s always a good idea to make sure you have plenty of extra toilet paper, soap, drying towels, personal hygiene needs, and more for your guests.


The Light Palace has been proudly serving Omaha and the surrounding areas since 1953. Our family-owned, local lighting store offers some of the best lighting specialists who can help you with your every need, including your guest bathroom’s lighting, home accents, and furniture. Stop by, or browse online today!