Where You’ll See Matte Finished Fixtures In Your Omaha Home

Matte finished fixtures are trending, so much so that you may begin to see them everywhere. However, if you haven’t jumped on the bandwagon yet, there’s no need to fear; we’re here to help.

The Light Palace has been a fixture (pun intended) in the Omaha lighting world since 1953. We boast a 10,000 square foot lighting showroom that is beautifully packed with more than 5,000 lighting fixtures. We stay abreast of the latest in lighting trends so that our lighting designers can craft unique, gorgeous spaces in your Omaha home or office you’ll love. Below, we’ll take a look at where you’ll see matte finished fixtures. Stop by our lighting showroom, or browse online today!


In The Bathroom

We spend a good portion of our lives in bathrooms, so it’s important for your Omaha home to ensure your bathroom is the oasis you intend it to be. Matte finished fixtures are a great way to accomplish this. You’ll find matte finished bathroom fixtures used in vanity lighting, bathroom mirrors, and wall lights. You can even use matte finishes for your vent fans and for recessed lighting. These add subtle touches that can really customize your bathroom and make it your own.


In The Living Room

In general, the living room can be a tough place to light, especially if you have very little natural lighting. That being said, the living room is a fantastic place to put matte finishes, as they are extremely resistant to scruffs and scratches and are easy to clean, which is important for a room that gets a lot of use. Overhead lighting is one of the most popular places you’ll find matte finishes in living rooms. From pendants and track lighting to lanterns and flush mounts, there is a lot of variety in lighting fixtures to truly make your home soothing and comforting.


In The Kitchen

Since the kitchen can be the heart of your home, you’ll want to layer your light so you have enough task lighting to cool magnificent meals and so you’ll have enough ambient lighting to enjoy your first morning cup of coffee with low, warm lights. Popular places for matte finished fixtures in the kitchen include hanging lights over the kitchen island or in the kitchen nook, wall lighting, such as wall torchieres, and floor lamps that can add both task and ambient lighting to your space.


In The Bedroom

The bedroom is a great place to add matte finished fixtures in your home. Matte finished fixtures have the incredible ability to cool down a space, leaving it less overwhelming and more inviting and warm. We offer a large selection of matte finished fixtures to choose from to truly personalize this intimate place to your exact needs. From matte finished semi-flush mounts to sconces and chandeliers, you can find everything you need with us. Speak to one of our top-rated lighting designers today.


The Light Palace in Omaha is privileged and honored to offer the best lighting solutions to our residential and commercial customers. We offer lighting in all different styles and finishes to make your spaces shine. Our lighting designers have years of experience and can help you with design ideas and options you may not have thought about. In addition, we offer lighting accessories, lamps, and decor to liven up your home and add perfect touches here and there for subdued styling and effects.

If you are interested in our matte finished fixtures or any of our thousands of lighting options, stop by our Omaha lighting showroom, or browse online today!