When it comes to interior design, why is lighting important? Sure, you need enough light to navigate through the area and perform basic tasks, and there’s no point in creating surroundings that are functional or luxurious if nobody can actually see anything. But modern lighting is important in terms of creating a mood for a particular space.

Indoor lighting that’s too harsh can make an office feel unpleasant and more akin to an institutional nightmare. The right landscape lighting can enhance an outdoor feature and boost the natural beauty in unexpected ways. Proper task lighting in a home office or study helps you to avoid eyestrain while working or reading. Mood lighting can either use lighting that’s warm and soft to create a feeling of relaxation, or use the opposite end of the lighting spectrum to make people feel energized.

At The Light Palace, we know that there’s more to commercial and residential lighting than plugging in a couple of lamps or installing track lighting in an office. Light placement, brightness, fixtures, fittings, and lamps all need to work in harmony with the other design elements of a room to create a workplace that enhances productivity, a dining room that encourages energy and positivity, or a bedroom that helps you to relax before you’re even in bed.

Our staff has the experience and expertise to bring an outlook to your lighting project that’s creative yet practical. We can help improve the look of your professional space, enhance the natural beauty of landscaping with quality outdoor lighting, or make the interior of your home feel closer to your personality. We’re happy to be your lighting design resource for all of your projects, no matter the size or difficulty. The Light Palace is proud to be Omaha’s lighting store, putting in the effort needed to deliver amazing results each and every time.

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