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Great selection of stunning ceiling lights at our Omaha lighting showroom

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When it comes to affordable lighting products and stunning lighting design solutions, there’s no better showroom in Omaha than The Light Palace. We have a myriad of options for you to choose from and expert lighting consultants who can help you navigate the waters and pick the perfect lights for your unique situation.

At The Light Palace, we offer a wide range of design services from lighting design to electrical parts and accessories. Call today to schedule an appointment. We’ll help you make the most of your lighting layout.


  • High quality lighting fixtures for every possible budget
  • Over 60 years serving the Omaha community
  • Wide range of available lighting accessories
  • Caring, knowledgeable lighting experts
  • And more

The Importance Of Ceiling Lights

Ceiling lights are incredibly versatile and they are likely the most important part of your lighting strategy. Ceiling lights can be used as all 3 of the different types of light: ambient, task, and accent.

Here are some of the most popular types of ceiling lights available at The Light Palace:

When you stop by our lighting showroom, you’ll have access to ten of thousands of different options. Our vast selection ensures we have the perfect combination of lighting fixtures to create a stunning space for your home or business.


How To Pick The Perfect Ceiling Light Fixtures

At The Light Palace, we believe shopping for new lighting should be a fun and exciting experience. However, we also understand decision paralysis and wanting to make the best possible investment.

Decide Which Rooms You Plan To Upgrade

Take a stroll through your home or office and see what rooms need an upgrade. If you’ve got outdated fixtures, or ones that simply no longer match new decor, you may want to consider a switch. 

Also, take a look around the room to see if you’re missing a particular fixture that could really add to the place. For example, if you have a large dining room with no wall lights, you may want to strategically add some sconces. Or you may want to add lamps to individual offices to ensure your employees have just the right amount of light.

Consider upgrading multiple rooms at a time in order to keep cohesive design throughout your property.

Consider The Size Of The Room

When it comes to ceiling light fixtures, sizing is a key consideration. Both in terms of the width and height, as well as the amount of clearance you need between the lowest point of the fixture and the surface beneath it.

Below you’ll find some helpful guidelines for finding the right sized light fixture.

  • Diameter: The diameter of any light fixture should be the sum of the length and width of the room in inches. For example, a 15 foot by 10 foot room would mean you’ll want a fixture that’s 25 inches wide. 
  • Fixture Height: For fixture height, you simply take three times the height of the room in inches. For example, if your room is 15 feet high, you’ll want a fixture that’s around 45 inches tall.
  • Clearance Height: When it comes to clearance height, you’ll want about 7 feet of distance from the fixture to the floor. If it’s hanging above an elevated surface like a countertop, you’ll want around 3 feet of space.

What Is The Amount Of Lighting You Need?

Last, but certainly not least, is your lighting needs. When picking out new lighting, take a look at places in the room where lighting is currently insufficient. You’ll want to fill in those dark areas with fixtures that’ll provide necessary illumination.

Also keep in mind the role that natural lighting plays in the equation. Remember to consider what your lighting needs are when the sun goes down and that bright, natural light is no longer there.

Our Lighting Design Consultants Are Here To Help

Does the sheer amount of options overwhelm you? No problem!

At The Light Palace you can work one-on-one with our lighting consultants to help you create custom lighting solutions that fit your unique needs.

Contact us online to schedule an appointment. We look forward to working with you.

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