Tips On Reusing Your Holiday Lights For Your New Year’s Eve Celebrations

Decorating for the holidays is one of the most fun experiences that occur this time of year. But why take down all your decorations and lighting as soon as the holidays are over? You can still reuse some of your holiday lights for a New Year’s Eve celebration, which is what we’ll go over in this blog post.

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Continue reading below for tips on reusing your holiday lights for a New Year’s Eve party or other celebration.

Make Them The Focal Point Of Your Gathering Areas

During a New Year’s Eve celebration, there are probably certain areas of your home where you want your guests to conglomerate. By hanging up your string holiday lights, you can make these areas more inviting and visible, and you’ll give your lights a second purpose. On top of that, string lighting gives off the perfect mood lighting for a New Year’s Eve celebration instead of harsh overhead lights.

Make Them Apart Of Your Homemade Photo Booth

DIY photo booths are the craze at holiday parties these days because they’re easy and entertaining for guests. All you need to do is set up a camera, a backdrop and some props and you’ll be able to capture memories that’ll last you a lifetime. To spruce up your homemade photo booth, add your holiday lights to the backdrop!

Decorate A “New Year’s Eve” Tree

Why throw out your Christmas tree when it still has some life left in it? Keep your tree up and don’t take off the lights quite yet to get the perfect New Year’s Eve tree for your party. All you need to do is remove your Christmas ornaments and replace them with party favors and gold and silver accents. Voila! You can procrastinate taking down your tree for at least a few more days.

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Please remember that we will be closed on Dec. 24 and 25 for Christmas and then again on Jan. 1 and 2 for the New Year. Have a great holiday season!