1. Previewing The 3 Types Of Lighting With Your Omaha Lighting Store

    When it comes to the world of residential lighting, many shoppers are quickly overwhelmed by the vast amount of options and possibilities surrounding the illumination of their home. While there are many types and styles of home lighting fixtures, today we’ll start simple by previewing the three most basic types of lighting. As one of the best lighting stores in Omaha, The Light Palace is here to help shoppers of all skill levels to find the best, most modern lighting options available. Our kno…Read More

  2. Welcome To Our Blog

    Hello there! Welcome to our very first blog at The Light Palace, which has been Omaha’s most trusted lighting and home decor store since 1953. We take pride in offering our customers more than just lighting products, and we truly believe in offering a large selection of the items that turn a basic, everyday house into a home you love living inside of. We strive to offer lighting services and lighting products that our busy customers can fit into their schedules. That’s why you can either vis…Read More