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In this blog, you’ll find more information about all things related to lighting design and other lighting products you can find in our lighting store in Omaha. Can’t find the answers to any of your questions here? Visit our lighting showroom or contact us today!

  1. Tips for Outdoor Dark Sky Lighting

    Dark sky lighting is a growing trend (and, in some locations, a mandate by the town or city you live in) to help reduce the growing problem of light pollution. The Light Palace is an Omaha lighting store that has more than 60 years of serving both homeowners and business owners with great lighting solutions for their needs. Below, we'll offer some tips for outdoor dark sky lighting. Shop with us today! Consider Motion Sensor Lights Motion sensor outdoor lighting is one of the best ways to promot…Read More

  2. Where You’ll See Matte Finished Fixtures in Your Omaha Home

    Matte finished fixtures are trending, so much so that you may begin to see them everywhere. However, if you haven't jumped on the bandwagon yet, there's no need to fear; we're here to help. The Light Palace has been a fixture (pun intended) in the Omaha lighting world since 1953. We boast a 10,000 square foot lighting showroom that is beautifully packed with more than 5,000 lighting fixtures. We stay abreast of the latest in lighting trends so that our lighting designers can craft unique, gorgeo…Read More

  3. How To Size Your Ceiling Fan

    It’s summertime, you’ve got the air conditioning cranked, but it just can’t seem to keep up. What do you do? Invest in a ceiling fan! Not only will they start to circulate your cool air to provide fuller coverage for the summer, but they can even save energy in the winter if you reverse the way the blades spin. Light Palace is here to help keep you cool this summer and start saving you money on your energy bills. Each room is different, and today we’ll look at the ways you can tell what …Read More

  4. Tips On Reusing Your Holiday Lights For Your New Year’s Eve Celebrations

    Decorating for the holidays is one of the most fun experiences that occur this time of year. But why take down all your decorations and lighting as soon as the holidays are over? You can still reuse some of your holiday lights for a New Year's Eve celebration, which is what we’ll go over in this blog post. At The Light Palace, our lighting store in Omaha is one of the best places to shop for lighting solutions in the community. Sure, the holidays are fun, but you should be thinking about how t…Read More

  5. Our Infographic Explains The Advantages Of LED Lighting Over Incandescents

    For many Nebraska homeowners, finding the indoor lighting options to match your needs and your budget can be a challenge. Modern lighting has evolved to include so many light bulb choices that you may not be sure where to even begin! The Light Palace is proud to be your trusted lighting store in Omaha, delivering expert assistance to enhance the results of our home lighting fixtures and decor elements. Light-emitting diode (LED) bulbs are now becoming more popular than ever, relying on modern te…Read More

  6. Outdoor Lighting Ideas To Illuminate Your Backyard Part 2

    When it comes to residential lighting, most people think of indoor fixtures such as sconces, chandeliers, floor lamps, and so on. Spending the time to plan for the best use of these elements in your home can mean the difference between a beautifully lit space and one that leaves a lot to be desired. However, it’s the outdoor lighting on your home that can truly illuminate your place with quality. If you’re a Nebraska homeowner in need of home lighting fixtures and expert advice, our lighting…Read More

  7. Outdoor Lighting Ideas To Illuminate Your Backyard Part 1

    As the summer season comes into full swing, homeowners across Nebraska are looking to create a fun and relaxing atmosphere in the outdoors. From your porch to the property line, every aspect of your landscape has the potential to create beautiful and long-lasting results that are sure to benefit your family as well as impress your guests. Without modern outdoor lighting fixtures to illuminate your exterior upgrades, though, it can all be for naught. Worse, improper lighting can prove to be hazar…Read More

  8. Living Room Lighting Tips From Our Go-To Omaha Lighting Store Part 2

    As the primary space for most of your recreational activities, the living room has evolved to become a room designed for a wide range of lifestyles. This modern mecca can be complex, tailoring to every member of the family throughout the week. As such, it’s important to ensure that your indoor lighting fixtures are balanced and beautiful to provide safety and comfort for all hours of the day. Nebraska citizens in need of quality home lighting fixtures and expert advice have turned to The Light…Read More

  9. Living Room Lighting Tips From Our Go-To Omaha Lighting Store Part 1

    As the space designed for relaxation and recreational activities, the living room is crucial for the comfort and convenience you expect out of your home. This room is meant to hold your family and guests for a wide range of activities, making it essential to find the modern lighting fixtures that can create dramatic improvements in the aesthetics of your living room. Nebraska homeowners who are looking for outdoor and indoor lighting products to match their unique styles and budgets can benefit …Read More

  10. Residential Lighting In Layers With Your Omaha Lighting Store Part 2

    When it comes to residential lighting upgrades, many homeowners are intimidated by the sheer volume of styles and lighting fixtures available today. It pays to plan ahead and properly prepare for upgrading your home lighting fixtures, and it will help to create an aesthetically pleasing outcome. The Light Palace is here to serve as your local lighting store in Omaha, providing thousands of fixtures and expert advice to Nebraska customers since 1953. Our 10,000 square foot lighting showroom is he…Read More