1. The Versatility Of Wall Sconces With Your Omaha Lighting Store Part 1

    While your home or business may be adequately illuminated, there is a chance that it is not lit in an optimal manner. The beauty your space relies on combining several different design elements to mesh together into one cohesive, beautiful outcome. Home lighting fixtures often revolve around overhead styles to provide the light you need to enjoy your house. While these are commonly used, wall sconces represent another viable option that may be the perfect solution to your outdoor and indoor ligh…Read More

  2. Chandelier Tips To Optimize Your Home Lighting Part 2

    When it comes to the home lighting fixtures adorning your place, none make a more grand statement than the chandelier hanging in your dining room. This majestic centerpiece should work to strengthen the theme of the room instead of overpowering it. Anyone in need of a quality lighting store in Omaha can benefit from visiting The Light Palace. Our modern lighting experts and expansive lighting showroom are here to deliver the best products and service to Nebraska residents for more than 60 years.…Read More

  3. Chandelier Tips To Optimize Your Home Lighting Part 1

    Finding the perfect home lighting fixtures to illuminate your place with beauty and pride can be a major obstacle for many homeowners. For some people, the task of installing a chandelier in their dining room can prove to be a double-edged sword. When done correctly, the enjoyment and value in your room can prove to make the task a smart endeavor. However, there are numerous ways in which a chandelier fixture can actually hurt your dining experiences. The Light Palace is here to help Nebraska ho…Read More

  4. Explaining The Different Light Bulb Ratings In Modern Lighting

    When it comes to illuminating your home, you may be thinking the process is as easy as going to the local home improvement store and picking up a case of glass bulbs that promise to light up. Modern lighting, however, provides a plethora of options to better meet the unique needs of today’s consumers. Technology has helped us to create more control and convenience when it comes to residential lighting. Anyone seeking a lighting store in Omaha will be pleased when they enter The Light Palace. O…Read More

  5. Explaining Light Bulb Options To Make You A Modern Lighting Pro

    Today’s modern lighting options are vast in number and high in quality. Yesterday’s selection of incandescent bulbs is now replaced by numerous styles, each yielding their own benefits and drawbacks. As a homeowner or tenant, you’ve probably had the experience of shopping for new light bulbs for your home lighting fixtures. The process can be overwhelming, which is why our lighting store in Omaha is here to help! The Light Palace at United Electric has been providing quality residential li…Read More

  6. Previewing The 3 Types Of Lighting With Your Omaha Lighting Store

    When it comes to the world of residential lighting, many shoppers are quickly overwhelmed by the vast amount of options and possibilities surrounding the illumination of their home. While there are many types and styles of home lighting fixtures, today we’ll start simple by previewing the three most basic types of lighting. As one of the best lighting stores in Omaha, The Light Palace is here to help shoppers of all skill levels to find the best, most modern lighting options available. Our kno…Read More